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For artists looking to collaborate on the song and lyric writing process.

  • Includes two 2-hour Zoom writing sessions

  • Narrative-driven lyric and melody development 

  • Advising on chord selection and song arrangement

  • High-fidelity demo of the composition and delivery of lyric sheet.

Packages Starting at

virtual songwriting
in 5 steps

  1. You share influences and song references.

  2. We meet on a video call to work on your song.

  3. We write catchy lyrics with fire melodies.

  4. We arrange the song for your approval.

  5. We record a demo of the song for your approval.


Q: Can I sell the song to someone else?

A: Yes! We will technically co-own the composition, so we will have to discuss the revenue split, but it is a common practice to sell songs to other artists, and we can help navigate the logistics.

Q: Do you offer Producing services online?

A: Yes! This package does not include production work, but it is available as a separate service here.

Q: What if I want to try producing the song myself?

A: We offer collaborative music production services, and we can work together to sharpen the relevant skills needed to produce your own music. This can be purchased as a separate service here.

Q: This business is confusing. Where can I get more info?

A: The business side of music doesn't have to be a mystery. You can review our Terms of Service for a breakdown of songwriting credits, publishing and copyright ownership.

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