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For artists who want to turn a song they've written into a master recording.

  • Includes one hour-long Zoom consultation

  • Custom production informed by your favorite music

  • Recording consultation for getting your parts tracked

  • High-fidelity demo of the composition and delivery of lyric sheet.

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Producing your song
in 5 steps

  1. We discuss influences and share references.

  2. You share your demos, sessions files and lyrics.

  3. We arrange the song for your approval.

  4. We advise on recording your parts at home or at a professional studio (if applicable.)

  5. We finish the production for your approval and deliver a hi-fidelity rough mix.


Q: Can I release the song commercially?

A: Absolutely, and we hope you do! You are purchasing exclusive rights to the sound recording we create together.

Q: How do I record my parts?

A: There are many solutions to this issue, and we are happy to advise which will work best for you. Whether you need help with gear you own, renting and operating recording equipment, or finding a studio to record your parts, we will work together to make it a fun and memorable experience for you.

Q: Do you offer Mixing and Mastering services?

A: Yes! This package does not include Mixing and Mastering services, but they are available as a separate service here.

Q: What if I want to try producing the song myself?

A: We offer collaborative music production services, and we can work together to sharpen the relevant skills needed to produce your own music.

Q: This business is confusing. Where can I get more info?

A: The business side of music doesn't have to be a mystery. You can review our Terms of Service for a breakdown of songwriting credits, publishing and copyright ownership.

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