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VAIT Creative

Working in harmony with artists to achieve their creative vision.

I'm Andrew Vait; Founder of VAIT Creative. Whether you want a partner to see you through every step of the songwriting and recording process, or you'd simply like to add a trumpet to your chorus, we're here to meet all your music production needs.

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Q: How does online music production work?

A: If the pandemic taught us one thing, it was how to use Zoom to maintain some semblance of social interaction. This is exactly how online music production works. We work with artists over a video call to write chord progressions and lyrics, we do beatmaking and record parts, we advise on recording your parts at home or at a professional studio near you, and we offer mixing and mastering services to make your song cut through the noise on streaming platforms, giving you an edge over the competition and increasing the odds that your music will land on a Spotify or Apple Music Playlist.

Q: Why are your services affordable?

A: By working with us virtually, you are able to avoid one of the largest obstacles in the history of recorded music: the recording studio. As artists at VAIT Creative, we have each spent countless hours maxing out our budget in high-end recording studios. We're providing direct access to the talented songwriters, producers and engineers who work at these high-end studios. If the experience of working in a big studio is one of your goals, then consider us a partner to help you achieve that goal, by creating an affordable and competitive recording that will catch the ears of influencers, curators, and record labels. 

Q: What does a music producer do?

A: The primary role of a music producer is to draw on their knowledge of the modern music industry to help an artist write and record music that is commercially competitive. Responsibilities can include recording and editing vocals, choosing and playing instruments, making beats and manipulating samples. Trust us when we say we could write the book on how to become a music producer.

Q: Who are some modern music producers?

A: Music producers occupy a variety of roles in the music industry. Some are known for their songwriting abilities, like Benny Blanco and Max Martin. Others are known as beatmakers, like Timbaland and Tyler, the Creator. Some producers are known for partnering with and developing specific artists, like Jack Antonoff and Taylor Swift or Dan Nigro and Olivia Rodrigo.

Q: Are there free resources for producing my music myself?

A: There are enough free online music production resources to fill The Cloud. We love a good free online beat maker. Try our 30 Music Industry Tips In 30 Days and Writing From The Hook PDFs to get your creative juices flowing!

I want you to have the same experience I had when I recorded my first EP at Robert Lang Studios, or when my band SISTERS recorded our debut full-length album with producer Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Brandi Carlile) at Bear Creek Studio. The halls of these spaces feel thick and vibrant with the music that has been made there by artists ranging from Nirvana to Leon Bridges, and if you're like me and the many artists who have created records in these studios, you know there is nothing better than discovering time and again the untouchable thrill of making music. I want you to have the chance to add your sheen to those walls, because everyone who has chased a song lyric into the night deserves to feel what I felt recording vocals in the same booth as Liz Phair or guitar in the same room as Peter Frampton. If you want to jump onto the moving train that connects Mozart to Lil Nas X, VAIT Creative is the place for you. We believe in the Democratization of music creation, so bring the feeling of making records alongside the greats to your home or on location at virtually any recording studio in the world.

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